3 keys from Haley on OTAs

  • OTA install: The Steelers have a total of 10 OTAs and a three day minicamp before they take a little over a month long break until training camp. It's the perfect opportunity for the coaches to introduce what will come in training camp at Saint Vincent College in July, and give the players time to get comfortable before the pads come in late this summer.

"You want to lay a foundation for what you are going to be doing," said offensive coordinator Todd Haley. "How we set it up we get to install what we are going to install in training camp. It's a first dry run through if you will. For us as coaches, it's a chance to tweak or change things we may want to see that didn't look the way we wanted them to. A lot of different levels go into it.

"That being said in year five for me it's a little more advanced than in the beginning when it was truly teaching sessions. We have so many guys that have been around that understand the language, the concepts we are talking about that we are able to fine tune things and really get in depth in coaching the details."

  • What to look for: OTAs will be the perfect opportunity for the coaches to get a feel for how prepared young players are for the NFL. For many young players it's an eye-opening experience, but can help them get ready to be in training camp condition.

The Steelers participate in Day 3 of the 2016 Organized Team Activities at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex.

"It's two things we look for," said Haley. "Their overall conditioning gets exposed. Even if they are in good shape, it's really not good shape considering the overall condition the other guys are in. We'll notice guys that appear to be in better condition than the other young guys. Then it's the overall understanding from an installation concept. You can tell the guys who get it quicker and have a deeper level of understanding. It's the guys who are consistent day in and day out and make a play or two."

  • Heeeath: Haley has had a security blanket since becoming the Steelers' offensive coordinator in tight end Heath Miller, and admits it's going to be strange in training camp when the familiar face is no longer around.

"I don't think it will really sink in until we are in pads or getting ready for a game because that's how great his presence was in the locker room and around the building," said Haley. "We make little Heath comments when we are out on the field, remembering Heath. Someone will make a 'Heeeeath' call when someone catches the ball."

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