1st and 10 with Will Gay


What have you seen from Joe Flacco so far this year?
He can throw the deep ball well. He is not afraid of any corner. He is just going to throw the ball to the receiver he likes.

Their running game isn't what you're accustomed to right now. That being said, do you go into the game knowing Ray Rice can break out of it at any time and have a killer game and you can't let your guard down?
You can't let down at all. Ray Rice is a top back. At any given moment he can break free for 60 yards, 80 yards. We have to make sure we contain him.

How intense is this rivalry?
Very intense. You play your rivals twice so you want to make sure for the first game you're physical and you are ready. You want them thinking about that game two. I am getting pumped up as it gets closer to the game. You are just ready to go. You don't need a motivational speech. As soon as you put the pads on you know the Ravens are on the other side and you are ready to go.

Records don't matter when these two teams play, do they?
When you are speaking about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens we can be two teams that don't have a win and it's still an exciting game and everyone wants to see it. You can throw the records out.

The Ravens have won the last three games at Heinz Field. Does that irritate you that they have had success here?
It's tough because we are trying to get our first win in Heinz Field for 2013. It just so happens it's Baltimore in front of us we have to get the win against. I am not worried about Baltimore beating us here the last three years, I am trying to get a win this year for our fans at Heinz Field. Every time you run out of that tunnel and you see the Terrible Towels waving, you want to win for the fans.

Coach Mike Tomlin talked about a sense of urgency based on the two team's record now. Do you sense that?
We picked that up a couple of weeks ago. There needs to be a sense of urgency where we are and what we need to do week in and week out. This week was no different than last week. We just have to come in, new opponent and try to get a win.

After not having a turnover in four games, the defense got two against the Jets. Is it one of those things where turnovers come in bunches?
I hope, that is all I can say is I hope. As long as we are disciplined in our defense hopefully they will come.

The pass defense is ranked fourth in the NFL right now, but it's still not where you want it to be is it?
We have been number one in pass the last two years and number one I don't know how many times in the past six or seven years. Our goal is to be the top defense period. We always pride ourselves on the back end being the top pass defense. We have a ways to go.

The run defense is ranked 22nd. What do you have to do to get it back to where you are accustomed?
Just stop it. It's a collective thing. We have to make tackles, all 11 men to the ball and that number will come down.

The AFC North is still a division that is up for grabs. Can the Steelers be a player in winning the division?
Only time will tell. If we put together some wins we can talk about that, but right now we are in fourth and we have to keep winning football games.

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