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Zereoue: 'I was kind of upset'

Leading up to the NFL Draft, current and former Steelers' players will be sharing their Draft Day Memories. In this installment, former running back Amos Zereoue shared his memories. 

Amos Zereoue
Running Back
Third Round - 1999
West Virginia

Amos Zereoue thought he had it all figured out. He thought he knew when he would be drafted, or at least where he felt he should go. But as he waited for a phone call from another team, he soon found out he was wrong, even though it all turned out for the best.

"Young guys coming out of school think they know more than they really know. Me coming out, I thought I should have been a Top 10 pick. We all feel that way. You feel that way when you have had a little bit of success in college. I was thinking I was going first or early second round.

"I have everyone in the hotel in Morgantown and we are waiting first day and no name. First round, second round, and third round, and I am upset. I didn't get picked. We were leaving and it was the last pick of the day and I hear Pittsburgh Steelers select Amos Zereoue. I was kind of upset because I was the last pick of the day. But it dawned on me I just got selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was thinking they usually pick big running backs, why did they pick me?

"I was so elated they picked me. I would get a chance to play with Jerome Bettis, Kordell (Stewart). It was just amazing.

"When I was selected by the Steelers they have a system of bringing guys up, coaching and teaching you and building their young guys up to step on the field. That is one of the things I have noticed about the Steelers."

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