Yoi, remembering Cope is special

Myron Cope never played a down for the Steelers, but he is one of the most beloved individuals ever affiliated with the team and the man who created the iconic Terrible Towel.

And on Sunday, the Heinz History Center celebrated Cope's life and legacy at "Yoi, Remembering Myron Cope."

Here are some photos of legendary Steelers broadcaster and creator of the Terrible Towel, Myron Cope.

Cope, the late radio color commentator for the Steelers, worked his way into the hearts of Pittsburghers and Steelers fans with his unique voice and undeniable love for the city and the sports teams and for creating the Terrible Towel.

"Myron brought a pure joy to the broadcast booth," said Bill Hillgrove, the Steelers radio play-by-play announcer who worked with Cope in the booth for years and served as emcee for the event. "He had the rare instinct to be accurately informative and wildly entertaining at the same moment.

"He realized that one of his calling cards was to be off the wall.  Yet, if I came up with something in that category, he'd go right with it.  He was open to accepting laterals, yet would send it right back if he thought the goal line was reachable.  I miss him every day."

Also on hand to honor Cope and share stories was Murray Chass, the former New York Times writer and current baseball blogger who is from Pittsburgh and had a long relationship with Cope that dated back to when Cope was a sportswriter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Sports Illustrated.

"I admired Myron as a writer and was sorry when he switched to radio and television, but he obviously and unwittingly knew what he was doing because he became a Pittsburgh legend through his broadcasting despite having a voice that not even a mother could love," said Chass. "His voice made him unique among broadcasters but not as much as his creation of the Terrible Towel, for which he will always be remembered. Had he remained a writer, the Terrible Towel wouldn't exist."

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