Woodley makes back to school special


Back to school shopping is in full swing with kids getting ready for the important first day of class, but not all families have the means to provide the essentials needed, basics that many take for granted.

That is why linebacker LaMarr Woodley is doing his part to help.

Woodley hosted his first of two "First Impression: Back to School Event," on Friday in conjunction with the LaMarr Woodley Foundation, Pittsburgh Public Schools' Summer Dreamers Academy, and A Schools Present.

About 300 kids, grades K-8 in the Pittsburgh Public School system, got the full treatment to send them back to school in style, receiving backpacks, school supplies, as well as t-shirts and even haircuts and manicures.

"That was always one of the toughest things going back to school, getting a haircut, having the school supplies," said Woodley. "Sometimes when I went to school I didn't always have my own supplies, I didn't have a notebook or a book bag. And you couldn't always get a haircut and you wanted to look good on the first day of school. That was always the tough part. Now haircuts can be $20-$25 and it's tough for parents to do all that. This gives kids the chance to make not just as a first impression at school, but in life in general. First impressions are always big."

Woodley is holding a similar event in his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan, part of his continued effort to help both cities.

"You want to have a few things, but giving the school supplies is the biggest thing because it allows parents to keep some money in their pocket," said Woodley. "Last year when I did it in Saginaw one parent came in with four or five kids and wasn't registered. You let them come in because you never want to turn anyone down.

"It's a great cause. It helps everybody out and it is big for the community because it helps people save money. Any time you can do that it's great."

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