Woodley has fun at Boys & Girls Club


By Teresa Varley


Linebacker LaMarr Woodley spent many days hanging out at the Boys & Girls Club while growing up in Saginaw, Michigan, playing games and having fun.


That's why it was such a pleasure for him to stop by the Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood to hang out with the kids there.


"That's the most fun I have had since I used to go to the Boys & Girls Club back at home," said Woodley. "I played pool, bumper pool, ping pong, two-on-two basketball in the gym. I had a lot of fun."

Woodley initially planned on stopping by for an hour or so to just say hi to the kids and see what was happening there. He ended up staying close to four hours as he was having just as much fun as the kids. 


"All of the kids up there wanted to challenge me in different games," said Woodley. "I lost to a staff member in ping pong. I lost in a pool game. In bumper pool I beat three or four kids. In basketball - I definitely took over in that."

Woodley has gotten more involved in the community now that he has settled in following his rookie season. He is co-hosting his First Annual Summer Football Camp with St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Clifton Ryan in Saginaw on June 14.


"I love working with kids," said Woodley. "It's fun being around them with all of the excitement. Being an NFL player and coming back and do those things is fun. It's not to get people to notice you; it's just something I like to do."


He plans on continuing to be active in the community and especially wants to reach out to kids in the Pittsburgh area.


"When I am back home in Saginaw I like to get out and do stuff," said Woodley. "I have to understand now that this is my new home and I have to get out and learn about the city of Pittsburgh."

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