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Williams: 'Fun equals numbers'


Football is a game. It's something that is supposed to be fun. Something that should be enjoyed by everyone involved.

And that is exactly the case for the Steelers offense. They are enjoying playing the game, having fun putting points on the board and turning the offense into a scoring machine. "Before the last few games Ben (Roethlisberger) has told us to just go out there and have fun," said running back DeAngelo Williams. "You know how when you were a little kid and you used to go out there and play and have fun, and didn't care what happened. That is what we do, we go out there and just have fun. We let whatever happens at the end of the game happen. We are just having fun."

Roethlisberger is definitely taking his own advice. Against the Colts he had another game where he just let the ball fly, completing 24 passes for 364 yards and four touchdowns in the 45-10 win over the Colts.

"I said it earlier in the year, before the season started, he is the best quarterback in the NFL," said Williams. "I might be biased because I am here and I see what he does in practice, the level he takes people to when he is on the field in practice and games. His level of competitiveness brings your level of competitiveness and play up."

Antonio Brown has definitely taken that fun advice and run with it. From front flips to Super Mario Bros. like goal post leaping, while it might not all be the best decisions, they definitely have been what his quarterback has stressed, 'fun.' 

"I love seeing him get in the end zone because I want to see what celebration he is going to do because he always does something new," laughed Williams. "It's amazing the things he does, the creativity. It's all about having fun and that is what we did."

That fun is paying dividends for the offense, which is putting up big numbers week after week, including Sunday night against the Colts. While Roethlisberger had 364 yards passing, Brown (118) and Martavis Bryant (114) both had 100-yard receiving games and Williams added 134 yards rushing.

"I think we are clicking at the right time," said Williams. "It's not about the numbers, it's about having fun. The numbers will come if we are having fun. I have been too busy having fun to think about the numbers. With this offense, I think outer space is the limit. We have to continue having fun. Fun equals numbers."

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