Will Boykin get his shot this week?


All Brandon Boykin wants is an opportunity. He just wants to play the game he loves. He is a competitor, and he wants to compete.

And this week, that opportunity might come his way.

Coach Mike Tomlin indicated in his weekly press conference that Boykin could be worked into the mix this week after the corners struggled against Seattle.

Boykin is hoping that is the case, but he is preparing for Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts the same as he has every other one this season.

"We'll see what is going to happen," said Boykin. "Despite everything that has been happening the entire season I have a responsibility as a professional to go about my business and do it the right way. Whatever happens is going to happen. I am going to prepare the same way. If I am on the field I am going to play and do what I am supposed to do and show everybody what I am capable of."

The Steelers traded for Boykin during training camp in exchange for a conditional fifth-round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. But he hasn't found his way onto the field in the base defense with the exception of limited action.

While he only started six games with the Eagles, he did see extensive playing time on defense and adjusting to his new circumstances has been challenging.

"When you are in the situation I have been in it's tough because you have to prepare every single week because you could be in at any time," said Boykin. "That's been kind of hard for me, making that change, that transition, knowing you still have to stay ready because you could play. I have to attack it the same way. I never lost any confidence in myself the entire season. Once I get out there it will be exciting for me.

"You just have to roll with it. From me getting here, everything has been new. The thing I learned is to stay in the moment, don't have expectations, don't do anything out of the norm for you. For me it's been a learning experience and this week is no different as far as I prepare."

Boykin said he has been asked multiple times why he hasn't been on the field, but he doesn't have an answer to the question.

"I have to maintain my professionalism," said Boykin. "Has it been frustrating at times? Absolutely. It's about winning, it's about our team. I have 100 percent confidence I can continue to do what I have been doing my career. When my opportunity comes, I will make the most of it.

"It's been tough knowing I am capable of being a great player. I don't control anything but myself. I don't have crazy reactions to things when they don't go my way. You just have to take a step back and be a professional about the situation. The NFL isn't fair, life isn't fair. That is one of those lessons in life where I am sure I will be able to grow from it knowing I am better from it on and off the field."

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