Will Allen: 'You can't put a price tag on that'


Steelers safety Will Allen was the keynote speaker for "Future Focus: Take Your Mentee to Career Day," on Thursday. The program, produced by the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania (MPSWPA), was designed to provide something for kids who often are left without anyone to share national 'Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day,' which was the same day.

"Mentors and mentees participate in workshops to learn about future goals and introduction to options they have for their future goals," said Kristan Allen, director of marketing and communications for MPSWPA. "Mentoring is such a core component in Will's life and value system. We have worked with him and the Steelers the last few years. The Steelers as a whole value mentoring and the impact it has and it's because of guys like Will who have had great mentors in their lives and paid that forward."

Allen doesn't hesitate when it comes to helping out today's youth, especially trying to provide them guidance through the Quest for Real Life Success program which strives to build awareness and help young people in the community as a part of the Will Allen Foundation.

The after school mentoring program, which he ran at North Hills High School in Pittsburgh and Wayne High School in Dayton, Ohio, was set up to discuss topics to help the students prepare for life after high school. The programs place emphasis on test taking skills, resume writing, job interview skills and also stress community service.

"Being a mentor is an investment in a person," said Allen. "When you think how people interact, the influence of word and behavior and how others respond, it's unmatched. It's so important in a young person's life to have an older person give them wisdom and teach them how to grow and become responsible, disciplined adults. You can't put a price tag on that. I have had people give their time and words of wisdom to me to invest in me. You can see the fruits of it years later. I am thankful for that so that is what compels me to be a mentor."

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