Where Are They Now: Wayne Gandy


Wayne GandyOffensive Tackle1999-2002 Atlanta, Georgia What are you doing now?I am probably the most recent to finish playing as 2009 was my last year. I have been relaxing and enjoying life. A few months ago I started putting a radio show together called the Sports Jock. We have been getting that going. It's been good.

What is the fondest memory from your playing career?It would be the personalities that the Steelers had. I was here four years. Moving around the league you play with different groups of guys. The Steelers had the most fun group overall. The personalities were at an even keel. There weren't a lot of moody people, just a good work atmosphere. That is why they won then and won a lot. The Rooneys and scouts get people that are upbeat and positive people.

What was your best game?We played Cleveland when they first opened their stadium. We beat them real bad. It was fun opening that rivalry again and being a part of it. You heard about it from the past but Cleveland didn't have a team for a couple of years. To be able to play against them in that opening game was very good.

What teammates you were closest to during your playing days?Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward – we still hang out today. We go to the basketball games in Atlanta.

Do you still follow the Steelers and if so, how closely?I still watch them. They are the number one team out of the four teams I played for that I am a fan of. It's a great football city, the best city where the whole city is behind the team.

What was it like to block for Jerome Bettis?When I came here it was my second time blocking for him. I played with Jerome in Los Angeles and St. Louis. It will always be my honor to have played with him. He is one of those guys that gave his all to the game, played hard. You can always tell the great players because they motivate other guys to play harder. Jerome was one of those types of guys. We knew if we blocked and blocked hard he was going to get the extra yards and we would make each other look good. His personality is great. He was always appreciative of his line.

Should he be in the Hall of Fame?He definitely deserves it. His style of running and to play that long and physical it would be good to see him go in. He helped bring Pittsburgh the first Super Bowl in 25 years. That cemented in my mind he is in. What kills me the most is Dermontti Dawson isn't in. I don't know why that isn't happening. Jerome deserves it as much as anyone ever has.

What was it like to play in front of Steelers fans?I must say thanks as a player to the fans. Their enthusiasm toward the team actually motivates you as a player to reach to higher levels. To know that there are people who are depending on you for morale and something to cherish each week was special. To see how they came out and supported the team was great.  To come here and see a whole stadium in Steelers apparel was very moving and I cherish my Terrible Towel to this day.

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