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What they said after the game

Head Coach Milke Tomlin

Opening Statement
It was obviously not the outcome we were looking for. Usually I reserve judgment until we watch the tape, but it doesn't require a lot of tape-study to analyze some of the things that were issues in that performance. We continue to be slow-starters, and that's disturbing. We've got to address that. That's one of the things that we acknowledged in there after the game. Some of our young guys who pushed through this game, who are quite frankly fighting for jobs, did not execute without enough detail to be in consideration. And that's disappointing. As we push towards the end of this thing, I'd like to see guys with their arrows pointed up; fighting for jobs. Some of those guys looked like they were just walking dead. We've got to analyze that, and keep those committed to fighting. Some of that stuff was quite disturbing; not the type of performance we're looking for. After a performance like that, you analyze every element of it; not only from a player's standpoint, but also from a coach's standpoint. I just think that's appropriate, and we'll do that.

There are eight injuries to speak of. [Garrett] Hartley obviously had a hamstring injury; right hamstring. I don't know the extent of that. It doesn't look good, obviously. I'd like to work with [Jordan] Berry in relief. He had an opportunity to show some versatility there; good work on his part.


The Pittsburgh Steelers traveled to Orchard Park, NY to face the Buffalo Bills in Week 3 of the 2015 Preseason.

Q: Is [Bud] Dupree injured?
A: He had a sore foot so we got him out of the game. I don't know if it's of any significance. I'll address it the next time we get together if it is.

Q: At this point, does it look like you might have to bring in some more kickers?
A: We'll have to get [Garrett Hartley] an MRI, but it doesn't look positive in terms of the opener.

Q: Did you want to finally get a look at DeAngelo Williams with the first team?
A: DeAngelo [Williams] was above the line today. He's really been above the line all pre-season. He's done a nice job getting acclimated to this environment and being the guy we thought he would be when we signed him back in the spring.

Q: On the big touchdown that Buffalo had early, was that a schematic issue; was it execution; was it both?
A: It's always both when it's that unchallenged. That's below the line.

Q: Can you tell yet what you have on defense?
A: We'll see. Obviously we're getting to the end of this process, but there are a lot of elements in play. Obviously we played Lawrence [Timmons] and some others, so not enough of a complete body of work, Mike Mitchell missed a bunch of times. But you know how it. In a couple Thursdays from now we'll be on the clock so we're going to get better and get solid before that.

Q: The news about Martavis [Bryant] on Thursday; they say you're going to be without him for four games or so. Do you know what he can do? How much of a loss is that for you guys?
A: I'm not going to comment on that at this time. There are still a lot of elements that are unresolved, and I will address it when we get the totality of it.

Q: What did you think of Michael Vick's play today?
A: I thought it was a good start. We wanted to get him some exposure. He's only been here for about five days. We got him some exposure; we got him in the stadium. I think our real work now starts as we go back and continue to practice this week coming up.

Q: You usually go with the Ben [Roethlisberger] and the first team for half. How come you didn't today?
A: We didn't want to play our starters long today. We played in five games. Not only in terms of what they get the opportunity to work on in the stadiums, but we produced an extra weeks' worth of work that has to be an asset to us in terms of regular season readiness. It wasn't only Ben [Roethlisberger]. We didn't play a lot of those guys as much as we normally do to reflect this game. I don't care if we're playing them or not, some of the execution out there was below the line regardless if it's our one's or two's or whoever. We have been working with every man in that locker room since last spring. It's got to be better than that.

Q: Mike you wanted a lengthy look at L.T. Walton too, is that why you started him?
A: Yes, I did.

Q: And?
A: I have to look at the tape on that. I was looking at a lot of things and L.T. [Walton] is kind of inside and upfront and it's kind of tough to see.


RB Le'Veon Bell**

Q: Did you talk to Martavis Bryant at all personally?
A: Yes, I did.  Obviously, he going through a tough time.  The same thing I had to go through last year.  Like I said, for me, it's still going on now for me.  Obviously I still have to miss the two games.  It's something he going to have to overcome just like I had to overcome it.  Good thing for me, once I miss these two games, all I have to do is worry about football, I don't have to worry about answering all these questions again, about the suspension, and what I'm going to do and things like that.  I'm just ready to go play football and do what I do.  

Q:  That's a pretty big blow for this team not having both you and him though if that's the case…
A: Yeah, but you know, we have guys on the field who can make plays and…DeAngelo's come in and replace me.  The offense isn't coming to slow down at all.  You got Wheaton from the outside.  You got AB (Antonio Brown) on the outside, you got Heyward-Bey on the outside...We got all types of play makers…Heath Miller, you got guys all over the field who are able to make plays when the opportunity presents it selves so the offense is still going to be clicking.

Q: You never want to be the guy who's replaced though right?
A: That's the way it goes.  Football's going to continue to go regardless if you can or not, the game of football's going to continue to go.

Q: When you see Martavis have the type of game that he had today, does it make his situation a little bit frustrating that he's not going to be there for you guys?
A: It doesn't make us frustrated.  Obviously we have to take the good with the bad.  He understands what's going on.  I understand what's going on.  We just have to move forward from it.  We got guys that come in to take his place.  The game of football will continue to go on even if we can't.  There can't be an excuse.  We can't go seek comfort about it.  We just have to continue to move forward.         

S Shamarko Thomas

Q: Obviously this wasn't the performance defensively you guys wanted as a whole. What was it all around; big plays, running, passing?
A: Yeah, they had a great game. They had a great game plan and they made big plays. You know, big runs, big passes and we just got to get better.

Q: Usually that last preseason game is just kind of to see who's going to make the team. Do you guys take it now after today as more than that?
A: Yeah, you definitely take it as more than that. We shouldn't be happy with the results that happened on the field, you know. Even if people were playing just not to get cut we're still out there playing football and you got to go out there and be a competitor.

Q: Was there anything that you saw early that they were doing, whether it was the run game or the pass game that was significant?
A: Nothing really. They just made plays when their names were called. The running back made a big time play, the tight end made a big time play, and that was that.

Q: What did you see from (Michael) Vick this week in practice?
A: The man is a dedicated man, you know? Fast; still fast. Works hard and is willing to give it his all for us. Even on the scout team he gives it his all.

Q: Is it too early to concern yourself with anything defensively before the fourth preseason game?
A: Is it too early? No, we're always concerned. We always have to go in there with the mindset of getting better and this wasn't a good game for us so we got to get back and work on the small things and get better.


P Jordan Berry**

Q: Just a little bit about kick-offs: last time you've done it?
A: That was the first one in a game.  I did none of them in college.  I was just a holder in college so I never did the kicking.  

Q: How'd it go?  How do you think you did with it?
A: Not bad.  The was the first time we had that penalty so we had to kick off the fifty which was able to help me out quite a bit so I was able to get that touchback and that ball wasn't very good but I was able to get enough bearing to push it about 60 yards out of bounds and then for the second one, I got a little bit better contact with it and it landed right about at the goal line but I'll have to take a look at the hang-time to see where that stacks up to so I can do that properly.  Obviously not as professional as some of the other guys but I was pretty happy with the way it went after not having done it in so long.  

Q: You have to pretty happy with your punts though…
A: Yeah, punts I was pretty happy with those so.  The one that I did the short kick, I didn't have contact with it and it came up a bit shorter than but the rest of the kicks I was happy with.

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