What's exciting about Frazier

Why you should be excited about seventh-round defensive tackle Joshua Frazier:

-Frazier, 6-foot-3, 321 pounds, played in 40 career games at Alabama.

-Frazier's defensive line coach the past two seasons with the Crimson Tide was Karl Dunbar, the new defensive line coach for the Steelers. "He coached me up so well," Frazier said. "Then I also had coach Bo (Davis), who's with the Detroit Lions. I'm just super blessed that it worked out and one of my former coaches got me."

-Dunbar appreciates his familiarity with Frazier as much as Frazier does his association with Dunbar. "I tried to watch the film and the good thing about it, I had already seen the film for the last two years," Dunbar said. "I got to know the kid intimately, know what he can do and know what I think he's capable of. I just think the things that we're going to teach him an going to emphasize to him are going to help him be a better football player."

-Frazier has an uncommon physical skill set Dunbar finds appealing. "He's a big, strong kid," Dunbar said. "He's a big, athletic kid who you can't find a lot of, and when you do you've got to take advantage of it."

-Frazier played behind Da'Ron Payne, who was selected No. 13 overall by the Redskins, at Alabama. "I feel like I have some of the same traits that he brings to the table," Frazier said.

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