What are 4 things on AB's mind today?


Wide receiver Antonio Brown leads the NFL in receiving with 328 yards in two games, but like everyone else in the Steelers' locker room knows there is always room for improvement from an individual and team standpoint.

Brown weighed in on taking the offense to another level, the St. Louis Rams secondary and more.


On taking the offense to another level, and if being familiar with each other has helped the offense grow: "**
I think we can always get better. Each day presents a challenge to get better. That is what we are committed to doing, continue to grow and get better. I think (being familiar with each other) has a lot to do with it. Being familiar, having that trust and understanding what we are thinking."

*On the challenge the Rams secondary presents this week:  *
"They play a lot of off coverage, guys doing a great job of reading routes and letting their front seven get after the passer to disrupt timing. If we want to be successful we have to be able to catch and run."

On Le'Veon Bell returning to the field this week:
"I think he is excited. He wants to come out there and help us win. You know what he brings, not only to the offense but our team. He is the 'juice man' so he is going to bring the juice."

On if attempting the two-point conversion is too tempting to not do with the talent the offense has:  
"We've got to do what we've got to do to score points. Two points is a point of emphasis for the game today."

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