Watt delivers a super surprise

There is nothing linebacker T.J. Watt would rather do this year than play Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles. For him, it was the number one goal.

But, with the Steelers out of the playoffs, he is making someone else's dream to go to Super Bowl LVI come true.

Watt presented Corey Fischer, a patient at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, with two tickets to the game during a surprise zoom call.

"I'm very jealous of you because you are about to do something I'm not able to do this year," said Watt. "We weren't able to get the job done. We weren't able to go to the Super Bowl. But you are my friend. You're going to the Super Bowl

"I wish you could watch the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I know it will still be a great time. I'm jealous of you."

Fischer is a 21-year-old hematology/oncology patient who has Ewing Sarcoma. When he got the news during in-patient treatment, he was stunned.

"No way," said Fischer. "That's crazy. I got to watch you go off all year long so it was a great time doing that."

Fischer is a huge sports fan, who attends Waynesburg College, where he played baseball before his diagnosis.

"I love your story. I know you are a baseball player. I just wanted to surprise you, see how everything is going. Enjoy every moment of it. It's going to be a special experience for you."

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