Ward survives first cut


Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward survived the first cut on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" when him and his dance partner Kym Johnson were announced as the first couple "safe from elimination" this week.

Ward wowed the crowd and the judges once again performing his second dance routine while teammate Rashard Mendenhall watched in the crowd.

Ward and Johnson were the last couple to take the dance floor, and performed the quick step to "Part-Time Lover." Ward, who admitted before dancing that he was concerned about his posture because of previous injuries, had no problem with it once the music started.

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli both gave Ward and Johnson a score of eight out of 10, while Len Goodman gave them a seven out of 10, finishing their performance tied for the best score of the night at 23 out of 30. Last week the judges each gave Ward and Johnson a seven out of 10, finishing the performance with 21 out of 30.

One couple will be eliminated each week on the "Dancing with the Stars" results show on Tuesday night. Final results are based on the judges and fan voting.

What The Judges Said during the show:

Carrie Ann Inaba - "I think Emmitt Smith just had to retire his little title of 'Twinkle Toes.' That was amazing…your posture, your technique, your hold, the way you changed direction with ease and grace and control. That means I loved it."

Len Goodman – "Your frame was terrific, I've got to tell you that. It's a hard thing to maintain that. But you did it. You had good movement down the floor. I was very impressed. Well done."

Bruno Tonioli – "Forget about part-time lover. More like full-time dancer. You led with ease and confidence. I particularly liked some of the fun details you put it, the unique footwork and the chemistry with Kym."

What They Said During Show:

Hines Ward

"She is able to adjust to me learning the steps. I have a great teacher. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to cha-cha and quick step, so I am just glad I got through it."
– On his partner Kym Johnson during his post-dance interview during Dancing with the Stars

"They gave me a lot of flak earlier but I went out and proved them wrong a little bit. They are here tonight to support me. So all of Steeler Nation, we love you and we're looking out for you."
– Comments from Ward during Dancing with the Stars when asked about reaction from his teammates.

Kym Johnson

"It's so important. When people are watching a couple dance they want to see great chemistry. We are getting along really well. We have trouble communicating some times, but it's all fun."
- Johnson on the importance of chemistry between the dancers.

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