Ward's dancing continues to impress

Wide receiver Hines Ward continues to show he has what it takes on the dance floor, with another stellar performance on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars."

Ward danced the Viennese waltz with partner Kym Johnson to Boyz II Men's "End of the Road" during week six on a show that was dubbed "guilty pleasures" week, with dances to songs that each celebrity enjoys singing.

"As a little child I wanted to be in the group, Boyz II Men," said Ward in a taped segment prior to dancing. "Any time that song comes on I sing it. I sing it in the shower until I can't sing it anymore. I sing it and feel like the water is my fans."

Ward also noted that his desire to win the competition has him approaching it like he would football.

"I am very determined to win this competition so I am putting some extra hours in at home," said Ward. "I relate what I go through in football to this dance competition. I write the plays down on paper. When I do my dance in my apartment it gives me a comfort level to better understand the routine so the next day when I go to practice I can add personality to my dance routine."

Ward and Johnson impressed the judges once again with the only minor criticism coming from judge Carrie Ann Inaba who thought Ward was "thinking" too much at the beginning of the dance. All three judges gave them a nine, for 27 out of 30. It's the second straight week they have scored 27 points, but this week it found them in second place.

One couple will be eliminated on the "Dancing with the Stars" results show on Tuesday night. Final results are based on the judges and fan voting.

What The Judges Said during the show:Carrie Ann Inaba - "Once again an excellent performance. Something strange was happening in the beginning. It felt like you were thinking too much. I saw this look in your eye that I have never, ever seen since day one of this competition. It looked like you were thinking about the dance instead of just letting it flow through your body. It's rare. For this kind of dance we don't want to see thinking."

Len Goodman – "Hines, you are becoming the MVP. The most valued partner. Every dance you do is just right. It's got such great musicality and it's lyrical. You're flat-footed unfortunately. You have to get your feet working a bit more. But as a performance and a dance, you're second to none."

Bruno Tonioli – "As a performer it's pure pleasure from start to finish. The chemistry you have with Kym it really is flawless. You couldn't be more fluid. You look like you're taking off. "

What He Said:

Hines Ward
"I just try to stay under the radar and hopefully we find our way to the final three. That is our goal."

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