Ward honored by Salvation Army


Ward honored by Salvation Army

Wide receiver Hines Ward was honored at the Salvation Army "Doing the Most Good Dinner" for his commitment and involvement with Project Bundle-Up. Project Bundle-Up helps to provide winter outwear for needy kids through the Salvation Army.
"I think Hines is such an outstanding person with his attitude," said Patricia Rooney, wife of Steelers chairman Dan Rooney, Sr. and a co-founder of Project Bundle-Up. "He is so famous for that smile. I think there is so much sincerity in that smile, even when he is doing his work on the field. We are so happy to honor him at the Salvation Army.

"He stands for the things the Salvation Army stands for – steadfastness, honor, willingness to help others, reaching out to the community. His attributes are just great."

Ward has been involved with Project Bundle-Up since he was drafted by the Steelers.

"I take pride in it," said Ward. "Whatever kid I am paired with I want to make sure that kid cherishes that day for a long time. I want to make them feel special. I know they come from less fortunate homes."

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