U.S Ambassador to Britain welcomes the NFL

London - Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney hosted numerous events when he served as the United States Ambassador to Ireland, but on Saturday evening he was a guest at a reception hosted by Matthew Barzun, the U.S. Ambassador to Britain, at Winfield House in London.

"London is a great city," said Rooney. "The British have been great partners with the United States and all of the things we need to do."

Rooney was joined by Minnesota Vikings ownership, as well as NFL personnel including NFL Executive Vice President Jeff Pash who spoke at the gathering.

Rooney said he enjoyed the opportunity to take in some of the events in London, but understands that it's a different approach that the players and coaches are taking.

"It's a great thing to do," said Rooney in regards to playing in London. "The things that concern you is does it take on an added atmosphere where people think they are there for a good time. It's all right for guests to have a good time, but the players and coaches realize it is a business trip. It's a regular season game so it counts.

"We played in Ireland and a number of places in the past and had great trips because they were preseason games. It was nice, enjoyable, but this game takes on an added thing and you have to handle it right."

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