Tomlin's injury update: Post Chiefs

"Coming out of the game, William Gay has a shoulder and a triceps injury that's going to limit him, particularly during the early portions of the week. We're going to watch him as we do all guys who are limited in preparation. Anthony Chickillo, the same thing with his ankle. He's been out for a number of weeks. Hopefully, he'll put himself in a position to be an asset to us.

"Sean Davis is still dealing with his shoulder injury. He has been managing it in-game for a number of weeks, and appreciate his approach to it and his professionalism, not only in terms of dealing with it in-game but just managing it in preparation. I just visited with him and he's doing everything in his power to be at his best.

"Ladarius Green is in the protocol, and we'll still watch and monitor his progress. Ricardo Matthews with his ankle. Fitz Toussaint is in the concussion protocol. Vince Williams is still managing his shoulder.

"Largely, pretty good health for a football team at this juncture, playing in the type of games we're playing in. We're not going to complain about that, but we wouldn't do it anyway. The team we put on the field will represent us, and the standard will be the standard."

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