Tomlin's injury update

"A lot of bumps and bruises associated with play as I stand here, whether it's Maurkice Pouncey or JuJu Smith-Schuster or others we talked about briefly in some form or fashion after the game. They may be limited at some portions of the week or (during the) early portions of the week, but I think we're all optimistic about their availability (vs. Seattle). The week will tell their story as we work. Rosie Nix is one who's probably a little bit different and worth mentioning. He has a knee injury that's being evaluated. He may miss this game, and another or two. I'll have more information as we gather it regarding him, but he is one – and I don't think I specifically mentioned him after the (New England) game – who may be a little different than some of the others. As we always do, we'll evaluate their availability and make plans accordingly as we push through the week. (T.J. Watt and Joe Haden) are also (in the group) of guys I mentioned who may be limited at the early portions of the week, but as I stand here today we're optimistic about their availability (for the game). If that changes, it would be reflected in their lack of practice participation as we push through the week. Sean Davis, same thing."

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