Tomlin on Watt, Burns & Cockrell

  • Impressive early: Steelers' No. 1 draft pick T.J. Watt signed a four-year deal on Wednesday, becoming the last of the team's draft picks to sign.

Watt has quickly made a nice impression on his teammates and coaches, including Coach Mike Tomlin.

"The above-the-neck element of the game isn't too big for him," said Tomlin. "That will be challenged further once we include the pads element of the game, but he has been impressive from an assignment standpoint thus far for a guy at his position."

He won't back down: Artie Burns is a player who welcomes a challenge, and he definitely won't back down no matter who he is facing, including Antonio Brown who he goes against on a regular basis in practice.

"He better not (back down)," said Tomlin. "That's just the nature of the job. We took Artie in round one. If he was backing down from the challenge, I would be concerned."

Room to grow: Going into his fourth season, his second as a starter, Stephon Tuitt's potential still hasn't fully been tapped. Tomlin said there is still room for him to grow, and not just in one area, but all areas of his game.

"He is still very much a young guy," said Tomlin. "I think it is reasonable to expect him to grow in all areas of his game, fundamentals, footwork, and hand placement in bump coverage. I know he has been focusing. That's the natural progression that is associated with being a guy that is seemingly moving into the prime of his career."

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