Tomlin: 'It's something everybody feeds off of'


When the Steelers take on the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday at Heinz Field, there will be a lot of familiar faces on the opposing sideline. The most familiar is Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians, who served as the Steelers offensive coordinator from 2007-11, after being the team's receivers coach from 2004-06.

The Steelers weighed in on the Cardinals, including the reunion with Arians.

Wide receiver on Antonio Brown

On cornerback Patrick Peterson:  
"It's an intense battle. He is a top notch corner. He is coming off some positive games. He made a nice interception off Calvin Johnson off the back shoulder. I am sure he is going to be fired up. He is going to try and come after the ball and play aggressive.

"He's always looking for the best guy to come out of the huddle and I think he'll take it as a challenge. It's definitely going to be a challenge. I think he's having fun. Anytime you're going against a guy like Pat P, it's always highly competitive and it's always a great matchup."

On what he sees on tape from Arizona's defense:
"They've got some great defensive backs. Those guys attack the ball well. They got two defensive interior linemen, obviously a guy who's been to the Pro Bowl who comes from Miami (Calais Campbell). Those guys are doing a great job. They get off the ball really good. The DB's force turnovers and you can tell they're having a lot of fun."Coach Mike Tomlin

The Steelers prepare for the week 6 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.

On what he sees from Arizona's front seven:
"Those guys are doing a great job of coming off blocks and making plays and playing with a great deal of energy. The way that they hustle defensively, a lot of that is predicated on big people. When you've got big guys like Calais Campbell who run to the ball in the matter in which he does, I think it inspires others and I think it's something everybody feeds off of."

On what stands out most about Arizona's run game:
"That it's married so well to their play-action pass. That's not unlike what Bruce did when he was here. It makes it difficult to minimize their run, and their run action passing game works very well together."Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

On what it will be like seeing Bruce Arians on the other sideline Sunday:
"He's been over there for a couple years now, but he's obviously doing some pretty good stuff. I think two Coach of the Year awards since he's been gone. I'm going to look at some film to see if I can pick up on some old stuff."

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