Tomlin: 'Being a dad is who I am'


Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin once again helped to host ManUp Pittsburgh, a conference done in conjunction with Urban Impact to help challenge men to become stronger fathers and better role models for their children, as well as those in the community that do not have a father in their lives.

"I try to work hard every day and be the best dad I can be," said Tomlin, who is the father of three. "This conference was born out of that desire."

This is the second year the conference was held, with Tomlin and Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle both speaker to the attendees.

"Coaching is what I do. Being a dad is who I am," said Tomlin of the message he shares. "I always have that perspective on it. I hope others do as well in terms of how they view their job or profession relative to the responsibilities that come with being a parent."

Tomlin said the goal is to have an impact on the lives of as many fathers, and in turn kids, as possible. He also hopes that afterwards those attending will reach out to those in their community or other communities that are growing up without a father.  

"We are here to encourage dads, help dads," said Tomlin. "We are also here to make dads know there are kids in their community that are fatherless and could use their assistance if they have it to offer. There are ministry outreaches in our community that are doing similar things and maybe we can connect willing dads with those groups.

"It's a get better day on a lot of levels, but in its rawest form it's about dad's having the desire to be the very best they can be."

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