Tomlin 5-3


Coach Mike Tomlin:We just brought to close what was a productive weekend for us. It was productive on a lot of fronts. I had a chance to lay eyes on a lot of new guys – instruct them and watch them take the instruction and hustle around a little bit. It was also a chance to gather the veteran players and start the process of building our team for 2009. There was great energy and great enthusiasm. It was a successful weekend from that standpoint. It was also successful because we came out of the weekend virtually injury free. Yesterday afternoon, I think somebody stepped on Mewelde Moore's foot and he had a slight ankle sprain, but nothing long-term. He should be able to get back to work during the latter stages of next week and get back to work on his offseason program. From that standpoint, it was a very great weekend.

Did anybody stand out?
People stood out, but they stood out in the form (of football) we played this weekend, which means little regarding the game of football. It is great to see guys break the huddle and establish some rhythm. I think we are pretty far along in the process in regards to where we have been in other years in terms of that – some of the cohesion and continuity things. We are heading into year number three now with the same offensive, defensive and special teams schemes and we have a lot of the same core guys.

Can a winning drive like the one Ben Roethlisberger directed in Super Bowl XLIII have a positive effect on his confidence going forward?
There are examples you can point to of drives or plays being the springboard to something, but usually the roots of success happen before those signature plays. That is the case. People can point to those when you look back at somebody's career or development, but usually it is something born where nobody is looking in the weight room or in the practice field at the training facility.

Would you say he is entering his prime in his sixth year?
I believe that he can get better; I believe he does. He has a lot of hardware that most young guys don't have. Those are the standards he sets for himself. I think like everybody else, Ben is going to be here searching for the ceiling in terms of what both he and his team are capable of doing. He is trying to do it better, smarter and cleaner. That is what we are all trying to do.

Is Limas Sweed more confident in his second season?
I think it is too early to tell. Nobody got hit out there today. Particularly the wide receiver position, you can't evaluate guys until they play. We like what he is trying to do from a work standpoint, but that is just trying to tell a story to evaluate his level of confidence at this point.

Is it unique how the veterans help the younger guys here?
I think that is something all good teams have in common. The teams that are consistently good understand the obligations that coming with playing this game. The knowledge you receive from veteran players, you use to eventually replace the guy you learned it from. You in turn pass it along to somebody who could eventually replace you. It is the 'Law of the Jungle' if you will and our guys have embraced it. We have a legitimate camaraderie here, but I think the same could be said from any of the cities where people are consistent winners and competitors.

How soon will the Larry Foote issue be resolved?
I don't know the answer to that. We will see.

Are you trying to trade him?
Again, what I said (Friday) is all I am going to say in regards to that.

Do you know what is wrong with Martin Nance yet?
No. He is scheduled to be looked at in great detail tomorrow morning. We will have some information on him the middle of next week, at the latest.

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