Timmons takes nothing for granted


A clean glass of water.

It's something so simple, it's often taken for granted.

But for those living in some of the villages in East Africa, clean water is unheard of. Drinking dirty, brown water, it's all they know.

That is why St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long started the "Waterboy" initiative through his foundation, drawing in players from all 32 NFL teams to come together and fund wells for the villages that would provide them with the simple necessity of clean water.

Steelers' linebacker Lawrence Timmons was on board the minute Long shared stories of his visits to the villages and the deplorable conditions.

"I was more than willing to do that. Why not," said Timmons. "When I am in a position that I am in and can help those people out, why wouldn't you?

"That is crazy. That is weird to think we are over here in the United States and we have everything from God you could have, and those people can't even have clean water to wash themselves. They have children like we do, why wouldn't you want to help with that?"

A fund-raising effort is underway to build 32 wells, one for each NFL team, with Timmons leading the charge for the Steelers to fund one of them. In addition to giving himself, he is encouraging teammates to give as well as calling upon Steelers Nation via social media.

"Hopefully for them, we can make a difference where everyone has water. That is the goal," said Timmons. "All people should have clean water, to wash themselves, to drink, to survive. That should come easily and those people don't have that."

TO DONATE: You can help Timmons in his efforts to bring clean water to those who need it by visiting www.waterboys.org.

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