Time to take advantage of the opportunity


This preseason hasn't been what running back Josh Harris has hoped for, but with two games remaining he is planning on taking advantage of every chance he gets on the field.

Harris, who has just two carries for eight yards in three preseason games, missed time in camp with a shoulder injury, then suffered a foot injury against Jacksonville that sidelined him last week.

After practicing all this week, though, he is hoping to see some playing time on Saturday when the Steelers travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills.

"It's big this week," said Harris. "I've missed some time so it's big for me to be out there on the field so that they will be able to see what I am able to do and they will be able to depend on me when it's my turn.

"It's not fun having to sit out and not play. It will be fun for me to finally be back out there."

Harris said that he is feeling good now, the effects of the frustrating foot injury behind him, and he is ready to show what he can do.

"It's something that happened that I couldn't help," said Harris of the injury. "There are times when you have something wrong with your hamstring, things like that that you can control. But you can't with your foot. I was trying to run on a play and someone got me and there was nothing I could do to help it.

"I feel pretty good now. I didn't practice for a few days last week, so this week it was going over the plays and now getting the reps so I can see those plays so when I am out on the field it's not something I haven't seen before."

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