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This & That: Wins cure all, AB's advice & more

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that as the Steelers prepare to take on the Cleveland Browns.

Problem solver: When you are on a four-game losing streak searching for answers is definitely something players are doing. Running back Le'Veon Bell thinks the answer to turning around the Steelers situation is just putting everything together on game day.

"We have to put a full performance together," said Bell. "I just think we have had good practices, even though we lost games. We have had good weeks of practice. We have to put a good performance together. I don't think collectively we have put a good performance together on offense, defense, and special teams. I think that is what we have to do right now.

"Once guys get back on the field, get healthy, we will be better. The more we are together, the better we play. But it's always next man up in our system. We can't have an excuse. We have to put it all together. I don't care who is in there. We have to put it together and get the job done.

"I think a win will solve a lot of problems." AB's advice: Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor, the team's leading receiver with 51 receptions for 627 yards and four touchdowns, struggled early in his NFL career when he was playing quarterback. But a switch to wide receiver, and learning from in the summer of 2015, helped changed all of that.

"Terrelle Pryor isn't just an amazing talent, but he also has the will to be great," said Brown. "You see how he has been working from playing one position to another. I have known him since his rookie year in the NFL. He has an attitude to do everything he can to be successful.

"He has a hunger. He wanted it. He has the right attitude, the right approach. He wants to be great and works at it every day."

Brown said he felt it was important to help Pryor, as others have helped him. It's part of what being an NFL player is all about.

"You only get a certain amount of time to make an impact on people, not only with how you play but helping others off the field," said Brown. "You want to share things and take things from other players. We don't know it all. If we can take something from someone else to make our game better we should." Rivalry alive:* *

Ben Roethlisberger has a good track record against the Cleveland Browns, 19-2 versus them all-time. And he has won nine of the 11 games he has played in Cleveland. Despite the record, despite the success, he still sees the Browns as a big rival.

"This is still a huge rivalry for me," said Roethlisberger, who is from Findlay, Ohio. "Especially for me personally. It's Ohio. It's the Browns. It's AFC North football. It's the Browns. It's a huge rivalry for me.

"It's AFC North football. It's the Browns. It's an exciting week for us."* *

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