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This & That: The guy, Top 5, hoops & more

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that as the Steelers prepare to take on the Dallas Cowboys.


The Steelers prepare for the Week 10 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

More wanted:** Eli Rogers had six receptions for 103 yards against the Ravens and Coach Mike Tomlin said earlier in the week that he liked what he did, showing flashes of how he started the season. Tomlin would like to see more of the same this week, as well as down the road.

Rogers would like to as well.

"If my coach says he wants to see more, then he is the guy," said Rogers. "I am just going to continue to go out and work hard and when opportunity knocks, I am going to answer. I am just going to keep working hard every day in practice.

"Being consistent is about being the same guy every day. Coming with the same energy, the same mindset of getting better. That is the biggest thing for me, coming out and having the same mindset every day and working hard every day."

Slow him down: Cowboys' running back Ezekiel Elliott is the NFL's leading rusher with 891 yards on 177 carries, and stopping him this week is going to be a huge challenge for the defense.

"He is a tremendous athlete. A hard runner," said linebacker Ryan Shazier. "He is running behind a really good line too. Not to take anything away from his ability, but they have a really good offensive line. They play sound football. It's going to be a tough challenge."

The Steelers are ranked 13th overall against the run, and this week will be one of the biggest tests they face.

"He is definitely doing a good job running through the holes those guys are giving him," said Arthur Moats. "They are doing a great job up front creating them. He is a first round talent, so you know what he was capable of. He is going a great job."

Shut down D: The Cowboys are the only defense in the NFL that hasn't allowed a 100-yard rusher and a 100-yard receiver combined yet this season, and Antonio Brown knows it's going to be a tough test for the Steelers offense this week.

"Those guys do a great job of keeping guys in front of them, getting after the quarterback and mixing up some coverage things," said Brown. "Their offense is putting them in good positon, keeping them off the field, which could be a reason for their success."

What they said:

Ryan Shazier on Elliott, a college teammate at Ohio State: "Zeke is a great player. He hasn't hit a rookie slump yet. He is just continuing to run and do what he needs to do. He is one of the top backs in the league right now. He has all-around game. He is showing it now. You have to respect his game.

"Like basketball players he is a slasher, he is a slasher runner. He is physical. When he needs to hit the hole, he hits the hole. When he needs to 'make a three,' he 'makes a three.' He makes plays when they need him to. He is definitely a slasher runner. He gets the yards when they need them."

Javon Hargrave on Elliott: "He is a tough runner. He runs hard. He has strong legs. It's a big challenge we have to be ready for. Everybody knows Dallas has a good offensive line so we have to show up?

Brown on Dez Bryant: "Dez Bryant is a Top 5 receiver in this league, a deadly red zone threat, has big play capability, big and strong hands, can run every route. He is an elite guy."

Arthur Moats on playing at home: "It's always more fun playing at the house, having a 100 percent Steelers Nation crowd. We fed off of that."

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