This and That: Run D, Seahwaks, and bye


Just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, from this week.

Cam Heyward on the run defense:
"Too many games over 100 yards, but I would like to think we are turning in the right direction. It's got to be more consistent. We can't have one week off and one week on. We just have to do it for longer periods of time. I would like to see that. I would like more 15-yard rushing games we allow throughout the year, but that's not going to happen too often. If we can get more of those performances, we will be in the right place."

William Gay on if he watched the Bengals game this week:
"I didn't watch it. They aren't on our schedule yet. We have the Seahawks and that is what we have to worry about."

Arthur Moats on the defense:
"As a defense we don't want to give up anything. We understand it takes everybody to make that happen. For us, we need to do more."

Heyward on the naming of the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex:
"It's about time. The Rooneys are why we are here now and if the facility, or this street is not named after him, that is a travesty."

Defensive coordinator Keith Butler on if he likes where the defense is:
"No. I don't think I will ever like where my defense is at. I will like where our defense is at when we win the Super Bowl. Really, that's the only thing that matters. [We knew we were young on defense], our first game really playing together was in New England. In training camp this guy or that guy was hurt. We play New England and our 11 starters played, the first time they played together in a game. Like I said, the more they play together, the better they are going to be. They are going to get used to what I am calling and what the other coaches are telling them. We will change things from week-to-week, but they've been really good about keeping up with what we are trying to do."

Mike Mitchell on getting a break this week with the bye:
"The season is a grind. We have had 10 game, we have to finish strong. It's a good time to work guys that need work, rest guys that need rest. I think the bye week hit at a good time for us. This will be critical for us."

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