The timing is just perfect


There is nothing better for players than to head into a long bye weekend on the upswing, coming off a two-game win streak and feeling good about what is still ahead.

"I feel like it was huge for us to win that going into the bye week for a couple of reasons," said linebacker Arthur Moats. "First it was good for us to get a little bit of a streak going, winning two games back-to-back. And beating a divisional opponent, which is huge especially this time of year.

The best photos of Linebacker Arthur Moats from the 2015 season thus far.

"From a good feeling standpoint going into the bye week after a win is good. You never want to have a bye week after a loss. If you do, you have to wait all week to get back out there and redeem yourself. It feels good to have the win going into it."

The Steelers defeated Cleveland 30-9 last Sunday, and beat the Raiders 38-35 the week before.

"It's good to get that win, go into the bye 6-4, six games left, everybody ready to get this rest now," said receiver Jacoby Jones. "Everybody is nicked up and bruised and it's good for us to get healed and come back on a high note. Going into the bye on a rhythm can help us roll after."

The timing is just right for the Steelers as far as their bye is concerned. Ten games in, getting a break now gives their bodies a chance to recover and prepare for the home stretch, a stretch that will include three games against AFC North teams that will play a huge part in the Steelers' postseason push.

"As long as we do what we have to do in our division, which is one of the biggest things, and then got those out of conference wins, we will be all right," said Jones.

The best photos of Defensive End Cam Heyward from the 2015 season thus far.

And while there will be some rest and relaxation this weekend for the players, they will still be thinking about the remainder of the season and what they need to do.

"We have to take advantage of this bye week," said defensive end Cam Heyward. "That means getting healthier, but also focusing on our next opponent. We can really get a beat of what they are doing with their next game coming up, and it's an important game for them.

"I am going to be in tune with what's going on and make sure I study my game plan a little bit more so we are ready to go next week."

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