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Opponents on Steelers

Texans are talking about Ben, T.J., Derek & more

The Steelers will face a Houston Texans team searching for their first win of the season on Sunday at Heinz Field, as the 2-0 Steelers take on the 0-2 Texans.

It will be a family reunion for the Watt family, with Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt and fullback Derek Watt going against older brother J.J. Watt, a defensive end for the Texans. It will be the first time the three brothers have ever played in the same game, and they know how special it is.

"It's unbelievable. It truly is incredible," said J.J. Watt. "Just to have all of us playing at Wisconsin was really cool. Just to have all of us playing in the NFL was really cool. To play against another brother was cool. Now to have all of us on the field at the same time in the same game, it really doesn't get any better than that. It's incredible. It's special. It's a testament to our parents and everything that they did and all the people in our lives – our coaches, our trainers, everybody who helped us get here.

"It's going to be very, very cool. It's a very special thing. I think it's the second time in 93 years (three brothers have played in the same game)."

The Texans also talked about Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers defense, Bud Dupree and more.

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Defensive end J.J. Watt on what he and T.J. Watt have in common:
"I would say just the work ethic. The desire to do whatever it takes to do it whether it's the offseason and training. I mean, Derek falls in that exact same category. Whether it's training or eating right or sleeping, whatever it takes to make yourself as great as possible, that's what we do. In terms of actually getting to the quarterback, it's obviously moves, it's speed, it's agility, it's power but it's also effort. A relentless attitude. Having that vision kind of seeing how the play's going, seeing where you have to go, chasing it all the way until the end. I think it's some of those things. I don't know. I think that's what a lot of it comes down to. Obviously, we're very fortunate in terms of genes and talent and whatever it is. That can only take you so far, it comes down to how hard you're willing to work."

J.J. Watt on where the work ethic came from:
"Our parents made us. We didn't have any choice. My dad was a firefighter and my mom worked herself from being a secretary at her company all the way up to being the vice president of the company. My dad was hard on us in sports so you had no choice but to be working as hard as you possibly could in weightlifting and running and having great practices. And then my mom was hard on us in school and you had no choice but to be getting good grades, doing your homework, doing all the right things. So, with that combination, we really had no choice. If you had a bad day at practice, you ran home and you went to mom and you talked to mom because she was going to be a little softer on you. If you had a bad report card, you go to dad and you try to show dad, but we all knew he was going to give it to her and we were going to get the whooping either way. I think it came down to our parents working extremely hard for what they got in life and teaching us that if we want to accomplish our dreams and our goals, we had to work extremely hard and make a lot of sacrifices – which at the time we hated but now we understand and we appreciate it."

Coach Bill O'Brien on the Steelers blitzing:
"Simply put, they do a really good job of being consistent on defense, whether they are blitzing or just playing base defense. They are coached really well. They play a tough, physical brand of football. Everybody knows their job. They perform their jobs down in and down out. We have to be ready for whatever it shows early in the game. early in the season you aren't sure how teams are going to play you. Pittsburgh just does a really good job of playing good, fundamental, tough, physical defense. Always have.

"Whether it's base defense or nickel defense, they have guys that can rush. Obviously, T.J. Watt and Bud Dupree, but the inside guys can rush. The DBs can rush. The linebackers can blitz. They all have an ability to get to the quarterback, so it's a very difficult defense to go against. It's a defense that prides itself on toughness and physicality and it's going to be a very physical game. But they do a good job. They're very consistent on what they do."

J.J. Watt on what makes Ben Roethlisberger hard to sack:
"Obviously part of it is his stature, he's just a big guy. A lot of it is his toughness and just his attitude. He has an attitude that he's not going to be brought down. He keeps his eyes downfield. He's going to stand in the pocket strong. He's going to deliver the ball. He's going to shrug a guy off. Part of that is just him not willing to go down when guys hit him. Some quarterbacks, they see the hit coming and they take the hit and fall down. He probably sees the hit coming out of his peripherals, but he keeps his eyes downfield and he throws the ball, and most of the time doesn't even end up on the ground. It's very impressive and it's something you have to be conscious of because you can't just come flying in out of nowhere. The guy doesn't go down very easily."

Quarterback Deshaun Watson on what he sees from the Steelers pass rush:
"A lot of height. A lot of size. Definitely want to be physical. Lot of speed. So, they definitely want to create some disruption up front and try to get to the quarterback."

J.J. Watt on what he sees from the Steelers offensive line and David DeCastro:
"Obviously he's coming back from an injury. They've been dealing with some injuries all across the line for a bit but they're the Pittsburgh Steelers. What they're known for is being a tough, physical team. That's who they are, that's what their city is, that's what they're known for. That's what these guys continue to do and they hold up that legacy and that's who we're expecting when we walk in Heinz Field."

Watson on what he sees from T.J. Watt on tape and how much he reminds him of J.J. Watt:
"He's strong, fast. He's doing a lot of things that Pittsburgh wants him to do. He's getting to the quarterback as much as he can. Very, very productive in the run game and definitely of course productive in the passing game. Of course, we've got to make sure we contain him and do the things trying to limit his ability to get to me or to the ball carrier. He's doing a great job for Pittsburgh."

J.J. Watt on if Derek Watt was the most dominant high school athlete out of the three of them:
"Yeah, 100 percent. What he did in high school was insane. I mean, he was the quarterback, he was a linebacker, he was a kicker, he was a punter, he was a kick returner, he was a punt returner. He set every record you could set. He was insane. He really was incredible, and he carried that team. He just was an all-around great athlete and he had the ability and the size to do it all, so he certainly was the best high school football player out of all of us.

"I'll give you insight on how stupid our group chat is, but we we're just having an argument the other day in our group chat about – with a couple other buddies from high school – if you took your senior year of high school today, whose team would win? So, like whatever state – some guys are obviously out of shape but today if you took our senior years and put them on a football field, who would win? We just had that argument the other day. Derek's would've won because they had him and T.J. obviously on the same team, so that's not fair. But my team wasn't too bad. We had a guy on my team who currently plays for Team USA Rugby, so we would've held our own."

O'Brien on Eric Ebron and the challenge he presents:
"He is a really good player. He's got good size and athletic ability. He is a very instinctive player. When he was in Indy, he definitely gave us problems. He is a doing a good job with the Steelers and the way they use him in their offense. Very, very good athletic, tough player."

J.J. Watt on if Derek Watt gave him a painful chip the last time the two played against each other:
"I won the game so it doesn't matter but yeah, he tossed a chip in the ribs. That's what he does. He's a pesky little fullback. He sticks his elbow in your ribs as you're pass rushing and then he goes on his way. We'll see what happens on Sunday. We'll see how it all comes down, but he had a safety in the game last week. He has like three tackles on the year or something so he's no slouch in the tackle game either. It's been crazy to watch. This past Sunday obviously I really wish we would've gotten the win but Derek having two tackles and the tackle for loss and a safety, T.J. having two and a half sacks, my wife (Kealia) having two goals – it was just a pretty cool day."

O'Brien on Roethlisberger:
"He is a great player. Hall of Fame player. Tough, accurate passer, great command of their offense. Very difficult to sack. He gets rid of the ball on time and other times he still has the ability to move in the pocket and escape. He escaped last week and threw a touchdown pass like he has been doing his whole career. I think he is the same guy since I have been in the league, 13-14 years. He has been doing it for a long time and is a great player."

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