Talking Steelers Football With Snoop Dogg


Talking Steelers Football with Snoop Dogg Rapper Snoop Dogg, whose given name is Calvin Broadus, grew up in California but at a young age he took a liking to a team thousands of miles away, the Pittsburgh Steelers. And his loyalties never changed.

He attended the Steelers practice prior to the home opener against the Titans and had a chance to talk to Coach Mike Tomlin, as well as hang out in the locker room with some of the players.

He even took some friendly ribbing from the team for having attended Baltimore Ravens training camp this year, but was quick to explain while he might have friends on other teams the Steelers are where his heart is.

Snoop Dogg, who has been to games at Heinz Field before, was thrilled to be on hand for the season-opener against the Titans, seeing all of the pregame excitement and watching his team win in overtime.

Snoop Dogg took time out during the visit to talk with Teresa Varley for Talking Steelers Football
Is it fun for you to get a chance to check out practice?* I grew up a Steelers fan in the 70s. To be able to come and be at their practice facility and see them go to work before a game is special for me.
How did you become a Steelers fan?
It was in the 70s watching them on television battle the Raiders. In California it was the Raiders or the Steelers and everyone was choosing the Raiders and I just couldn't go with what everyone was going with. I wanted to go with the Steelers. I loved their attitude and the way they played and went out and won. I became a fan in the 70s and have been riding with them ever since.

Who were some of your favorite players back then?Definitely  Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Rocky Bleier, Franco Harris, Donnie Shell, Mel Blount, Jack Ham, Jack Lambert, L.C. Greenwood, Dwight White, just to name a few.


How close are you able to follow the Steelers now?**
I watch all of the games. I have personal friendships with some of the players, we are close friends. When they see me go to another facility and hang out with other players and teams, they get offended. It's all business. I have friends everywhere, but this is where my heart is. I am a diehard Steelers fan. I love the NFL, I love players from other teams, but this is my team that I live and die for.

You had the chance to perform at the Steelers post-game party following Super Bowl XLIII. What was that like for you?
Aw, you remember that. Cool. That was fun because I got a chance to meet Coach Mike Tomlin and a couple of other players I hadn't met. Just to perform for the Steelers, that felt good for me. We had just won a Super Bowl. That is my team and they won the Super Bowl and hopefully we will do it again.

Coach Tomlin got on stage with you at that Super Bowl party, how fun was that?
I got many pictures. I got pictures and showed them to everyone around the world the pictures of me and coach. It was just like a big celebration to see him win it. I understand what it takes to be a coach. To come your first year and work on getting it right and your second year you got it right. I think there will be a couple more Super Bowls before Tomlin is done.

What do you think of the job Coach Tomlin has done?

I think Coach Tomlin was a great transformation from Coach (Bill) Cowher. It was just the same amount of intensity with a great work ethic and a desire to want to win and keep up the Steelers prestige that goes on around here. He was the perfect fit as far as a coach to come in and fill in the shoes for Cowher.

What's it like for you to go to a game at Heinz Field?
I love the atmosphere at Heinz Field. The loud music the Terrible Towels everywhere. I love it. 

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