Steelers to wear 'color rush' unis this week

The Steelers will wear their 'color rush' uniforms when they host the Tennessee Titans on Thursday, Nov. 16 at Heinz Field.

"I like that uniform a lot," said Ryan Shazier. "We are all blacked out. Especially it being a night game, the fans all wearing black, it's like a blackout in the stadium. I love that uniform. Every time I play in a video game I put that uniform on."

The 'color rush' uniforms, designed by Nike, are monochromatic uniforms to be featured on Thursday Night Football this season.


"I love the color rush," said Le'Veon Bell. "The swag is crazy. When you look good, you play good."

He isn't the only one who feels that way.

"They are awesome," said Maurkice Pouncey. "The guys are really into it. They look great too."

Last season the Steelers wore the 'color rush' uniforms on Christmas Day, when they defeated the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field to win the AFC North.

"The uniforms definitely have some good mojo in them," said Shazier. "It was a great feeling after we won that game. We knew we won the division."

Stephon Tuitt is chomping at the bit to wear the uniform after missing the Ravens game last year with a knee injury.

"I want to get a chance to wear it," said Tuitt. "It will be awesome. I was injured last year and didn't get to wear it. It is a cool uniform. I will be really excited to put it on."

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