Steelers' surgeon ranked among the best

Steelers' orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Bradley is receiving nation-wide recognition as he was ranked as one of the top 59 surgeons in the country by Becker's Spine Review.

Bradley, who has been the team's surgeon for 25 years, was one of eight NFL doctors on the list.

"I am both humbled and encouraged by it," said Bradley. "To gain the trust and respect of this elite community, especially the NFL, is a distinct honor.

"Mr.  (Dan) Rooney gave me this opportunity more than 25 years ago, and it's been a great experience. It's made me a better surgeon, and in turn, that's helped athletes get back to the game faster. There's no better organization in the NFL."

Bradley, a former defensive back and team captain at Penn State, is able to call upon his experience as an athlete to understand the players he treats better.

"I think that Dr. Bradley is unique," said John Norwig, head Athletic Trainer for the Steelers. "What makes him unique for us is Dr. Bradley understands the game of football. Him being a former Division I player, and All-American, he can relate to the athletes. I think the game itself is important to him and he has a respect for those who play the game. Because of that his effort to provide the best quality of care available is of utmost importance to him."

Bradley was also honored in 2014 with the Jerry Hawk Rhea Award from the NFL for being an outstanding team physician.

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