Steelers rock the runway in style




Rock Steelers Style, the team's annual fashion show, had the staples of 'Football, Family & Fun,' this year, and definitely checked all of the boxes and then some.

Photos from Rock Steelers Style 2017: Football, Family & Fun at Stage AE.

Steelers' players and their families hit the runway at Stage AE, showing off their own personal style, as well as all the latest fashions, from game day attire to formal wear, and everything in between.

The evening began with arrivals on a Steelers-themed version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a style lounge that featured an appearance by Santonio Holmes, who announced his retirement from the NFL last week, as well as all of the latest Steelers fashions.

But the reason everyone was there, let's be honest, was to see the players on the runway. And they didn't disappoint. It was a combination of New York Fashion Week meets game day, and it worked perfectly.

"It's a little bit of a changeup," said Marcus Gilbert, one of the show's co-captains along with Stephon Tuitt. "It's out of our comfort zone. The guys are so confident in what they wear and want to show it to the fans. It's football all of the time, but why not have fun and show that deep down we really are male models and can pull certain clothing looks off?"

So the male model thing, yes, Gilbert was joking. But his fashion sense is no joke.

"I like dressing up and showing a different side of myself," said Gilbert. "I think that is why Mr. (Art) Rooney chose me as one of the co-captains. It's a tremendous honor. To be recognized as one of the guys who has swag on the team means a lot.

"Big man swag is in style right now and we are out to prove that. I think we are the most fashionable guys on the team. You see a lot of our big guys show our swag."

Big man swag might be the trend for the offensive line, but for Tuitt, his fashion sense is just a little bit different.

"I don't have one," laughed Tuitt. "I do my best. I am one of the co-captains so I had to represent somewhat. I didn't want to let people down.

"But when it comes to fashion on this team, I am dead last. Dead last. If not last, then I am close to dead last. But I am good with it."

Tuitt, as well as all of his teammates, didn't lack for a minute when it came to swag, personality and a unique ability to work the runway.

The show, which was chaired by Art and Greta Rooney and Mike and Kiya Tomlin, might seem like it's just about fashion, but there is a far deeper meaning. All proceeds benefited the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program and the Cancer Caring Center, two charities that have a long relationship with the Steelers.

"That is the most important thing for us," said Gilbert. "We are so blessed. We want to give back. As much as we can give back and make an impact on people's lives, that is what people remember, us showing we care about our community, our fans, and want to see everybody do well."

Two guys that did pretty well were Arthur Moats and Marcus Tucker, who did a piano duet that just stunned the crowd.

And then, it was on to the fashions.

The 'Football' side of things got rolling with the players and families in a style they are accustomed to, Nike game jerseys, along with an array of fashions from the Steelers Pro Shop.

Pittsburgh area artist Natalie Shugars sang her featured song, 'I Love Black and Gold,' and was joined on stage by Jerome Bettis and Holmes, and it included a tribute to late Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney, a touching way for all to show their love for the man who meant so much to the organization.

Then, for a few minutes you felt like you were at Heinz Field and the defense was on the field as 'Renegade' blasted through the speakers. But let's just say, the routine that came with it was like nothing you would see on the field. The Iron City Aerial, an acrobatic entertainment company based out of Pittsburgh, put on an incredible show, suspended from above the stage, while the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Corps de Ballet stayed more grounded with their classic performance.

Photos from the Red Carpet at Rock Steelers Style 2017.