Steelers rated tops for 'likeability'

There is no doubt World Cup soccer has captured the interest of fans everywhere, with plenty of support for Team USA all across the country. But fans in the United States also have gravitated towards international soccer clubs, including A.C. Milan and Manchester City who play at Heinz Field on Sunday, July 27.

The top fan photos from the 2013 season.

Fox Sports started thinking about why people without a natural allegiance to a team become a fan of a team in another country.

And the next question they had is if you didn't have an allegiance to an NFL team, and lived outside the U.S., what team would be the best one to root for.

So the editorial staff at Fox Sports' cover32 did their power rankings, and the Steelers were tops in "likeability" for the following reason:

"They win consistently, which is nice. But they don't take shortcuts to success, as the Steelers don't buy their championship rosters. There's something honorable about rooting for a team that is loyal and has work ethic."

Check out the full rankings at Fox Sports Power Rankings.

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