Steelers players hit the ground running


There was no rest for the weary when the Steelers arrived in London on Friday morning, as they headed from the airport, to a train and then a bus to their hotel.

But before they could even unpack their bags or take a quick nap, Coach Mike Tomlin and several players took part in an NFL press conference with international media.

"Coach Tomlin has been talking business trip all week," said cornerback Ike Taylor. "This reminds me of when we played the New York Giants last year and we traveled on game day because of Hurricane Sandy. I take it back to that and reflect on what my mindset was then. We went in and it was all business. It's like that way this time."

A horde of media awaited the team's arrival, all asking about the tough trip over to London and what sights the players hoped to take in. The message was the same from every player.

"You have to stay singularly focused on what is important, and that is Sunday and giving the team the best chance to win," said receiver Antonio Brown. "You want to make sure you are hydrated, feeling fresh and make sure you get accustomed to the environment."

Sleep is something the players won't get until after practice on Friday, but Taylor said it's just mind over matter.

"You can't let that seep into your head," said Taylor. "You will get sleep. You can fool your body. Look at the military. They are up four or five days with no sleep. If they can do it, we can do it. It's unfamiliar territory, but we just have to go out there and win the football game."

Taylor did have some fun at the press conference, though. Maybe it was lack of sleep, or maybe it was just Ike being Ike, but he had all of the media laughing, something that isn't an easy thing to do.

"Man, I love your accent," said Taylor when asked a question. Then before answering the question, he asked the reporter to repeat it as the accent had thrown him off, "Say that again, for real."

Another question for Taylor brought the same reaction.

"Say that again," said Taylor. "Your accent is real thick."

One reporter then stumped Taylor, asking "with our stupid accents can you explain to us why they call it football in America if you don't use your feet."

Taylor had a quick comeback on the accents, but not the "foot" part of it.

"There isn't anything stupid about the accents," said Taylor. "Your accent is killing me. I love it. But, that is a good question."

Taylor asked the media to share some slang words used in London with him, and then shared what he would like to do if he had some free time on the trip.

"I would love to meet the Queen, the head lady," said Taylor. "Just being here in London is a totally different atmosphere. I am loving the accents.

"When you think about London you think about the fashion. If I have time I am going to try and do some shopping and bring the London swag back to America."

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