Steelers players have plans for the bye

Thanksgiving is a week away, but thanks to the Steelers bye week many players will be able to celebrate the holiday with their families.

"I plan to go home and have Thanksgiving dinner with the family," said Stevenson Sylvester. "We are having an early dinner. My mom thought the bye week was next week, but I told her it was this week so we are doing it early."

Chris Carter has a long trek home to California for the weekend, but he knows it's going to be well worth it.

"I will probably spend two days traveling but it will be good to get back and catch up with my family," said Carter. "I am looking forward to my mom's cooking. I already gave my mom the menu. I have to get some of her chicken, yams. It's going to be like Thanksgiving. Since I won't be able to be there for it we are going to have an early one."

While dinner is on the calendar for some players, having lunch with his son Jaden is at the top of the list for Hines Ward this weekend.

"I am looking forward to having lunch at my son's elementary school," said Ward. "He is excited about that. He is at a new school so he is taking me there with him for lunch."

Spending time with family is on the agenda for many players, including Chris Hoke who is the father of five.

"I am going to go to the gym with my wife and then go out to lunch," said Hoke. "It will be great to take my kids to basketball and football practice and see my kid's game on Saturday.

"It's hard when we travel on Saturday and I miss my kid's games. When I miss their stuff it's hard on me. It will be fun to be there for my son this weekend."

Larry Foote is looking forward to daddy duty over the weekend, but knows it will be anything but relaxing.

"I am going to sit on the couch and chase kids around all day," said Foote. "You think it's relaxing to have the bye, but when you have a four-year old, two year old, 15-year yr old and a pregnant wife there isn't going to be any relaxing."

And of course, some players will be tuning in to football over the weekend.

"I am going to rest and watch football," said James Farrior. "I didn't subscribe to DirecTV so I will just watch whatever is on TV and keep up with the other scores."

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