Steelers-Packers: Cowher's 1st Season


September 27, 1992at Lambeau Field Steelers 3, Packers 17

It is a game that will always be known as Brett Favre's first start, the beginning of the longest starting consecutive streak in history for an NFL quarterback.

"I remember the game," said Steelers President Art Rooney II. "I don't remember being impressed about Brett Favre being their quarterback. I don't think anyone at the time knew what was to come next. It's funny to think back on that game that it was his first game, but then that part was not a memorable part of the game."


For the Steelers it was a disappointing September afternoon, unable to put the ball in the end zone despite running back Barry Foster amassing 117 yards on 12 carries. Quarterback Neil O'Donnell completed 16 passes for 224 yards, with Dwight Stone pulling in five receptions for 101 yards. But the only points the Steelers were able to put on the board were from a Gary Anderson 35-yard field goal.

Favre completed 14 passes for 210 yards, but the difference maker was the two touchdown passes, one to Sterling Sharpe and one to Robert Brooks, which led to the 17-3 win under first-year coach Mike Holmgren.

The game was the first loss incurred by first-year Steelers Coach Bill Cowher, who opened the year 3-0. The Steelers finished the season 11-5 and went on to play in the AFC Divisional playoffs.

"It was an exciting year. It was a fun year," said Rooney. "It was new territory for us. The first time we had a new coach in 22 years. Nobody knew what to expect. Bill always said one of the advantages he had was we had a newspaper strike that year. He didn't have to worry about what they were saying in the papers. It was a fun year with a lot of memorable games."

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