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Steelers Nation Unite: 5 players on Steelers Nation

Steelers Nation Unite provided opportunities each week during the season for members to connect with the team. These opportunities came exclusively to members through the Weekly Huddle, an in-season email which provides exciting new ways for members to get connected, get recognized and get rewarded.

While Steelers Nation continued to show their appreciation for these opportunities, it was the Steelers players who, time and time again, expressed their gratitude for the support, dedication and loyalty shown by Steelers fans.

Here are the Top 5 quotes about Steelers Nation as said by players during Weekly Huddle events:

Brett Keisel on Steelers Nation:

"We appreciate all you fans out there. I think Steelers Nation Unite is pretty cool and I appreciate all of you supporting us."

Le'Veon Bell on playing in front of Steelers Nation each week:

"It's a crazy feeling. It's a rush. Seeing that many people coming to the game, being loud and waving their Terrible Towels, it makes it that much more exciting to go out there and do what I love to do - and that's play football."

Maurkice Pouncey on the passion of Steelers fans:

"By far, hands down, the best fans ever. It's never a quiet game and our fans are truly into it. They love us and we appreciate them."

Ramon Foster on the dedication of Steelers fans:

"I enjoy the support that we get. Steelers Nation not only loves us as players, but you guys actually know football, too. It's very pure with Steelers Nation and the love that you guys give us is amazing. You guys are a step above every other fan base."

David DeCastro on the presence of Steelers Nation at every game:

"There were a couple games this year where it felt like there were more Steelers fans than anyone at road games. It definitely makes it a fun environment and is great for us. So thank you to all the fans for making it like that."


Check out these photos of Steelers Nation Unite events from throughout the 2014 season.

Next week, Steelers Nation Unite members will be receiving a special Super Bowl Week edition of the Weekly Huddle. Be sure to join if you haven't already for this exciting new opportunity to get connected with the Steelers.

To join Steelers Nation Unite and be officially recognized as a member of Steelers Nation, visit or the 'Steelers Nation Unite' page on the Steelers mobile app. Joining is free, quick and easy and only requires an email address and a password to sign up.

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