Steelers fans, Batch needs your support

"Steelers Nation…I need you."

Those were the words of quarterback Charlie Batch today. And he is confident, that Steelers fans will come through.

Batch's "Best of the Batch Foundation" is one of the non-profit organizations selected to participate in the "Toyota Halftime Hand-Off – A Rally for Causes" Charity Challenge this season.

Each week four organizations will compete and it's up to the fans to select the winner on Toyota's Facebook fan page. The organization that wins each week will receive a $10,000 donation.

"It would be great to win," said Batch. "It would be something you are getting acknowledged nationally for it. For people to vote on it that means they believe in what you are doing and that is great all around."

Steelers fans can vote now through Tuesday, Oct. 4 at midnight for the Best of the Batch Foundation. The winner organization will be announced at halftime of NBC's Sunday Night Football game.

To vote for Batch, please click on the Toyota Halftime Hand-Off.

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