Steelers fan needs your vote


By Teresa Varley

Stephanie Galbraith has cheered for the Steelers her entire life and now she needs Steelers fans to support her.

Galbraith, a 27-year old mother of two from Roseville, California, is a finalist the NFL and Director of Fandemonium. One fan representing every NFL team was nominated and she is one of the final eight.

The winner of the contest will announce a pick at the 2010 NFL Draft, be a part of the coin toss ceremony at Super Bowl XLV, and write a blog for as well as other exciting opportunities.

Galbraith already had the opportunity to meet former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis as a part of the contest. "The Steelers are my dad's team and so growing up as a daddy's girl I fell in love with them too," said Galbraith. "I have lots of family on my dad's side who still live in Pittsburgh. It has always been a bonding experience with my father when we watch the games."

Fans can vote for Galbraith by clicking on Director of Fandemonium Contest. Every time you enter you are eligible to win two Super Bowl tickets.   

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