Staying committed to a healthy lifestyle


The lesson Steelers' players were teaching on Tuesday afternoon wasn't about who was the fastest, or the strongest or most athletic. It was about who was committed to making a difference in their own lives by staying active and focusing on a healthy lifestyle.

Cam Heyward, the Steelers' United Way spokesman, and the team's rookies shared that lesson at the 17th Annual NFL/United Way Hometown Huddle. The event was a part of a league-wide day of service with the United Way encouraging kids to play 60 minutes a day.

"It's important to do this, but fun too," said Heyward. "Whether it's playing football, basketball, soccer, tennis, ballet, you name it, it's vital at this point in their lives to stay active and also eat the right things. My mom always wanted us to stay active and do something, just enjoy and have fun."

The players surprised students at Pittsburgh Schiller 6-8 with a fun afternoon of football drills and even some 'Simon Says', and there was no doubt the kids loved the activity and the players did as well. "This is fun being out here, helping the kids and seeing them have fun," said linebacker Bud Dupree. "I think playing is the number one thing. When I was growing up I always went outside and played and it made a big difference in life. I loved doing any kind of physical activity."

Steelers' rookies took part in the 16th Annual NFL/United Way Hometown Huddle , conducting a PLAY60 clinic for students at Pittsburgh Schiller Middle School.

The Hometown Huddle also was a part of United Way of Allegheny County's fitUnited Pittsburgh, an initiative that brings adults who are influential in the lives of kids together to stress the importance of making the right decisions for a healthy lifestyle.

"It's so fantastic to see how they want to give back to the community," said Megan Marucco, Senior Corporate Relations Manager at United Way of Allegheny County. "It means so much to these kids. These are the kids that have been doing well, they have been getting good attendance, doing well in school. It means a lot to them.

"We realize that health and nutrition and health and wellness are important to kids. If you are sitting in class and your stomach is grumbling, you are not going to be paying that much attention. We want to make sure the kids are active, eating well and doing well in school. It goes hand in hand."

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