Stating their case

It remains to be seen how quickly and how effectively the players the Steelers drafted last weekend can transition into the NFL.

In the meantime, the draft has certainly given everyone a lot to talk about.

Following is a look back at some of the more memorable revelations inspired by this year's draft:

"Obviously, everybody knows me as J.J.'s younger brother, but people don't know the little things, the work ethic, the countless hours of film study. Doing all the little things, like getting the right amount of sleep, hydration, just treating myself like a professional athlete while I was still in college. I think I've learned so much from J.J. and been able to translate that to myself. I don't think people really know who I am at this point, just because I've been in such a big shadow. I can't wait to get to Pittsburgh and kind of become my own person." _ Linebacker and first-round pick T.J. Watt

"I will do anything possible to bring the Steelers back to the Super Bowl, whether that's special teams, being a backup or a role player, anything that it takes." _ Wide receiver and second-round pick JuJu Smith-Schuster

"He had an injury issue the last year that he came back from, which was impressive for a senior. In that climate last year when kids weren't finishing bowl games, this kid made an effort to come back and play in their last game and their bowl game. We were very impressed with that." _ General Manager Kevin Colbert on cornerback and third-round pick Cameron Sutton

"This is not a story about sentiment. This is a story about a young man that is a very good football player. I hope the guys that we play against are sentimental, because he is going to share with them some sentimental, physical things." _ Running backs coach James Saxon on running back and third-round pick James Conner

View photos of Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 4th Round Draft Pick, QB Joshua Dobbs.

"I love the game of football. I've loved it since I played it when I was 5. My mom signed me up at 5-years old, when we were running around in helmets bigger than your body. Going to college, I could have played football or baseball. I chose football because that was the sport I couldn't see myself not playing. I love the game. I give it all every time I step onto the field. It's great to have a backup plan for 15 years down the road when I can't play football. But until that day, I am going to give it all to the sport I love. I will definitely do that each and every day." _ Quarterback, fourth-round pick and aerospace engineering major Joshua Dobbs

"A guy that's got a 35-inch vertical (jump) and he's 6-foot-3, he's a good jumper with good ball skills. It's going to be tough for guys to throw over his head. If his technique is good, which it is, and he continues to improve, it's very difficult for these quarterbacks to get one in on the deep ball." _ defensive backs coach Carnell Lake on cornerback and fifth-round pick Brian Allen

"Being at a specialist position, very rarely do guys get drafted. So just for this to happen is beyond my wildest imagination. I can't wait to get to Pittsburgh and start working." _ Long snapper and sixth-round pick Colin Holba

"We think we really added some good players that will help us in different areas and areas that we needed to get some help, quite honestly." _ Colbert on the Steelers' draft class

"That's the type of guy we have coveted always. Your hear Kevin mention it all the time, hearts and smarts. A lot of these guys excel in those areas. They display a tremendous passion for the game in their play. They are smart, accomplished young men, not only in the game of football but outside the game of football, rocket scientists and so forth." _ head coach Mike Tomlin on the character of the Steelers' draft class

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