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Something special, for someone special


Brandon Myers has been struggling lately, unable to be with his fellow Navy SEALS after a 27-foot fall earlier this year on his ship during training, leaving him in a wheelchair and not doing what he loves most.

Navy SEAL Brandon Myers enjoyed a special day at Heinz Field.

But on Sunday night, life took a happy twist for Myers. A native of the Pittsburgh area and graduate of Elizabeth Forward High School, Myers attended the Steelers-Colts game and had the chance to meet Steelers players and coaches, from current players to Hall of Famers, as he was the guest of the team during warm-ups.

"It was very special," said Myers. "It lets you know that people care about you. As tough a time as it was, as adverse as it was, being in the hospital, being away from my brothers, the fact that a bunch of professional football players would spend time with a busted up SEAL put a smile on my face during a time I hadn't had many."

Myers met some of the players earlier this year when they were in San Diego to play the Chargers, and visited the La Jolla VA Hospital. But being back in Pittsburgh, seeing them at Heinz Field, it was something special for both the players and Myers.

"This is awesome," said Myers. "I was happy enough just to be able to come home. I hadn't been home in about a year. Just having this opportunity meant a lot. Days are tough. I am fighting to get back on my feet and little victories like coming to a game, getting on the field, they keep me driven.

"Being able to get here lightens my spirits in a time when I really need it."

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