Shazier stepping into the spotlight

*"I'm with the black and yellow…I'm with the curtain...I'm with the six…I'm with the blitz. Man, who you with?"
Those are the words Ryan Shazier delivers in an intense, passionate manner in a new Nike "Who You With?" advertising campaign.

Shazier makes it no secret who he is with, showing off his colors in the spot, while making reference to the Steel Curtain and the Steelers six Super Bowl championships.

"I am grateful to be selected for the ad," said Shazier. "They feel like those are some of the newcomers who can be big name guys in the future. Just to be somebody they feel is recognizable and good for that part, it felt amazing.*

"*It was definitely fun. It was a new experience. I eventually want to be in the spot AB (Antonio Brown) is in. He is a big time guy, he is doing big things in the league. He is one of the top guys.

"You get to do those when you are playing at that type of level. That is my goal, to play at that type of level." 

There is no doubt Shazier is reaching that level, becoming one of the players whose on-field performance is paving a path for opportunities like this off the field.

Shazier will also be featured on NFL Network's series "Tackle My Ride." The idea behind the show is to surprise a deserving fan with a team-related remake of their car, and bring a player from their favorite team along to help with it.

Shazier joined former Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who is one of the hosts of the show, to tackle Amanda DeJesus 2007 Saturn Ion. The results, which you will have to wait for the show to see, are amazing.

"Just to be able to help out a big Steelers fan and redo their ride and allow them to experience the Steelers lifestyle every day was special," said Shazier. "We also get to show what she does for her community every day. She is special."

DeJesus is a special person for sure. The 29-year old received a heart transplant 14 years ago, when she was only 15 years old. She wanted to give back, so went to culinary school to become a chef, and in turn help other heart patients with a healthy diet and lifestyle. DeJesus is a national spokeswoman for the American Heart Association's Go Red Campaign, volunteers at hospitals in the Texas Medical Center, and spreads awareness for organ donations with the Donate Life campaign.

In the past week DeJesus, who lives in Houston, Texas, loaded up her car filled with donations and went to the Steelers Nation Hurricane Harvey Donation Drive. DeJesus herself didn't sustain any damage during the hurricane and tropical storm, but wanted to help others who did, and just the sight of the car brought much needed smiles to many.

"It's definitely amazing to have something good come out of the experience," said Shazier. "She has gone through a lot in her life with heart disease and she has reached out to help the people in her community. To know she is willing to help people in every aspect of life, and not just what she is affected by, is amazing."

The episode of "Tackle My Ride," will air on NFL Network on Friday, Sept. 15, at 8 p.m. (ET).

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