Sean Spence Conference Call Transcript

Pittsburgh Steelers

2012 NFL Draft

Thursday, April 26 – Saturday, April 28, 2012



3rd Round – 86th Overall

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Re: Coming to a team with a pretty good tradition at linebacker:

It's great to come to an organization that always competes for a championship. Having a chance to play here is just a tremendous feeling.

You were a team captain; do you consider yourself a leader?

I do. I am a guy that is going to work hard, come in and get my one-eleven and give it all for my team. I am a team player. I am going to try to contribute any way I can.

Re: Only doing 12 reps at the combine:

I had a banged up shoulder, coming from the Senior Bowl. I had a deep bruise. I wanted to compete and show scouts I wasn't scared. Unfortunately, I only pushed out 12 but I can do more.

Does being a lighter inside linebacker hurt your perception around the league?

I am not sure. My perception doesn't matter around the league. I am just happy to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. I am glad they saw something in me to pick me.

How many tackles did you make at Miami, about 500?

[Laughs] I think I had 300 or up around that area. I had 41 tackles for loss, if I am not mistaken.

Re: Playing on special teams your first season:

There's no doubt I will. When I met with Coach Butler at the combine, he told me that no rookie linebacker came in and started. They had to work their way in on special teams. I am all for it. Anything I can do for the team, I am willing to help, whether that's coming in and contributing on special teams, I am all for it.

Players from Miami normally go in the first round, right?

We do. They do. But it's a draft. You never know how it will go. I know guys that are just happy to be drafted so they can reach their dreams.

Re: The Steelers' linebackers: It's going to be great getting to train alongside those guys. I've watched them for so many years. I've watched Lawrence Timmons play. Just having a chance to be in the same room with those guys and practice with them, and read their mind is going to be great.

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