Sean Kugler on Chris Scott

Sean Kugler


Offensive Tackle - University of Tennessee

5th Round – 151st Overall

What can you tell us about the tackle?

Chris is a tackle that we had a lot of time spent with. Coach Goodwin went down and worked him out personally in Tennessee. We had a lot of feedback as well from Ramon Foster, who was on our roster last year. And he's the guy that's on film that's what we're looking for. He's a physical player. We feel he's got some position flexibility; we feel he's the type that could play guard for us as well, which is real important. And he played at a high level of competition each week in the SEC and did a nice job versus those guys. He's got great size, about 320 and we feel he can commit and compete.

Will you start him out at tackle?

He'll play tackle and guard for us and we're going to work a lot of those guys at different positions and try to find what's best for them.

Even as a rookie, you'll move him around?

Even as a rookie.

Will he be left tackle, right tackle, or does it even matter?

He's played left, we feel again like some of the guys we have, that he could play left or right. And again having that flexibility makes him valuable to us.

Could you talk a little bit about where Jonathan Scott fits in?

I think Jonathan's role will be very similar to what it was in Buffalo. Jonathan started some games at left tackle. He also started some games at right tackle. He had the same history when he was in Detroit. He did start some games a left and right tackle, so having the value of being able to play both and be efficient at both gives him a good chance, and that's what is expected of him here.

Could you talk a little bit about Maurkice Pouncey on: A) Where he fits in here and B) Specifically, on what you saw meeting with him and quizzing him?

The main thing with Maurkice was on film. He's an outstanding player. Again, played in the SEC. The better the competition was, seemed the better he played. And he played some outstanding football for Florida. We went down and visited him, and we had a lot of positive feedback from their coaching staff. In particular, their offensive line coach. As far as his football intelligence, which is something we're really interested in, we spent some time watching film and he was excellent dissecting their schemes and explaining it to us. But one particular thing that we do when we have players one on one, is get them up on the board, explain some of their plays. Kind of quiz them on the board, and try to test their football intelligence. He was excellent, and probably having the pressure of the head coach in there and Kevin Colbert. Probably made it more impressive because it was just us three in the room and he nailed it. But it was probably nothing we didn't know because we had great feedback on that.

What's your take of the linemen on your roster?

I think there's chemistry in that room, and that is always a good start because that's a big part of offensive line. We are just going to work everyday to get better, and improve daily, and that's our goal. We're not going to look forward to the week ahead or the month ahead. It's going to be day-to-day and make daily improvements and in the long-run I think that will pay off.

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