Rookies meet their newest fans

Steelers' rookies met the team's rookie fans on Tuesday at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital at their annual Steelers Kickoff Rally.

The players spent time at the hospital visiting with newborn infants, and their parents, who have already adopted black and gold as their favorite colors.

The infants were wearing Steelers rookie onesies, football beanies and had Terrible Towels draped over their bassinets in the hospital nursery, while staff was decked out in their black and gold 'Rookie Coach' attire and bringing plenty of energy.

"It's very exciting for us," said Jeff Hodges, Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer. "To have the Steelers come in, they are such a great institution. It's neat to see the guy's faces as they look at the babies and are like, 'they are how old?'

"The staff loves it. They dress up every Friday and weekend in their black and gold anyway. To be able to do this and have the guys come in and visit is a great thing. The families love it too. For the players to go around and do a little visiting, it's special as well."

The players were first introduced to the 'starting lineup,' eight infants that were set to be discharged from the hospital. There were some tears, which is what you would expect when you have eight newborns together, but Terrell Edmunds did his best as the 'baby whisperer' to calm them.

"I am trying to get the babies to stop crying," said Edmunds. "It's hard to do. I am trying my best. Mason (Rudolph) and I are talking to them a little bit."

After that the players went room to room, distributing Terrible Towels and onesies to all of the infants, posing for pictures and in Rudolph's case, even meeting a baby named Mason.

"I have never been around this many, this young," said Rudolph. "They are tiny. So tiny. It's insane how small their fingers are, their toes are.

"Their parents must be big fans. It's cool to see the City of Pittsburgh bring fans into the world the right way."

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