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Reed brings attention to "Kicks Count"


Steelers kicker Jeff Reed teamed with First Candle for a Public Service Announcement to help prevent stillbirth, which claims the lives of more than 26,000 babies each year.

First Candle, with a grant from the Heinz Family Philanthropies, has taken the lead in a national movement to bring attention to stillbirth. John and Emma Rooney, a First Candle board member, who lost their daughter to stillbirth in 2004 enlisted Reed as the voice of their "Kicks Count" Public Service Announcements.  

The campaign teaches families to monitor baby's kicks in the third trimester of pregnancy and is recognized as the first proactive strategy to reduce the risk of stillbirth
In the PSA Reed brings to light the importance of every kick in football, as well as every kick from the baby. In the PSA Reed states:
"Let me put it in football terms. On the field every kick counts, whether it's a punt, extra point, or field goal. That's why we keep track of the statistics. It's not unlike the role of expectant parents."
The Radio announcements were recently awarded a 2008 Gold Hermes Creative Award for international excellence in media.

For more information visit First Candle.

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